With over 20 years experience, we have the knowledge needed to recover and resell your seized assets without wasteful spending.  This firm's philosophy to have the same agenda as the lender, to maximize profits.  To understand the mindset of like kind businesses that offer these services to lenders, our potential customers, we went through the process and became sub-contractors for two of the major property preservation firms.

What we determined, they do not have the same goals as our clients.  Thier goal is to keep your asset from selling,  the longer it remains in your inventory, the more money they profit.  Winterizations, property maintenance, machine repairs and other like kind line items erode your profits and increases theirs.

How do we get on the same page as our customers?  We profit when your asset is sold, the more it sells for, the more both firms profit.  Now the customer and this firm are working towards the same goal.  We utilize in-house council to reduce the redundancy.  

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